How to taste a wine


How to taste a wine?


The tasting illustrates the character of a wine, the objective is to evaluate all of the characteristics that define the wine.

 Tasting a wine draws on three of our five senses


 It takes place in four stages

1 – The sight:

The dress of our wine, place your Trapud’s glass over a white background (cloth, sheet set on a clear table or light floor) and observe color’s intensity, and it’s reflections. It’s changing while aging:

  • When our wines are young they offer shades of purple, violet or garnet,
  • As they age they will develop orange hues and tints, tiled …


2 – The first nose:

At the opening of your bottle, pour into a glass (1/4 height) and before the wine has begun to get some fresh air (breathing), smell it.

3 – The second nose:

Shake your glass (small circles) this will oxygenate, “make it breath” and smell it again. You should notice an evolution in the aromas released by the nectar.


4 – The “taste” of wine:

Now – finally – Let’s taste it. This stage is called “the passage in the mouth“, it is divided into three phases:

  1. The Attack : The first sensations perceived from the wine.
  2. The middle palais: The time where the wine flows between the papillae, the tongue and palate. (When you enjoy, take the time to turn the wine in your mouth. This will oxygenate it to obtain the maximum information..)This is the opposite from lunch or meal, here you have to be noisy!
  3. Final: The persistence of the flavors generated by our wine in the mouth.

Tips: To Taste you must respect some “discipline” in the determination of flavors:

  • Define the family of flavors (minerals, plants, animal flavors fruity, floral or empyreumatiques)
  • Define the family, for example for fruits, whether these are citrus, red fruits, black or others.
  • Specify the aroma, for example if they are red fruits: cherries, currants, raspberries, blackberries? fresh or stewed?

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