St Emilion tasting notes, Terre de Vins give their marks

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St Emilion tasting notes – Terre de Vins summer 2014

(N°30 – July and August 2014)

The magazine published an article on “the young wines of Saint Emilion”.

Terre de vins Saint Emilion

Terre de Vin - St Emilion tasting notesChâteau Trapaud 2011 Saint Emilion tasting notes

2011 Millesime’s page The Jury : Thierry Desseauve : Co-author of the Grand Guide des Vins de France, alongside Michel Bettane, as well as Editorial Advisor for Terre de Vins. He is an expert wine taster with 35 years experience and a solid reputation throughout the world for his expertise. Alain Chameyrat : Director of the Grand Guide des Vins de France. An experienced taster who spends several months a year in the vineyards in his quest to find the best wines and winemakers. Sylvie Tonnaire : Editor in Chief at Terre de Vins and a trusted observer of the development of Southern France’s wine producing areas. This true ‘gastronome’ never fails to slip a food and wine pairing suggestion into her tasting notes. Véronique Raisin : Journalist and professional taster. She co-writes the Grand Livre des Vins de France for the Jura, Savoie, Gascogne and Bergerac and frequently visits France’s other wine producing regions.

«Summer edition 2014» Mark awarded: 15,4/20 St Emilion tasting notes: This subtle, taut and refined wine is equally suited to immediate consumption or bottle age. Full of depth and charm – a pleasure to drink.
Ideal served with white meat or poultry with truffle.

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