Terroir and planting ratios

Our vines have an average age of 45 years, with many as old as 100 years in some parcels.
Certified organic agriculture and organic wine since the 2012 vintage


The Château’s terroir:

One of the defining characteristics at Château Trapaud is its 15Ha surface area of adjoining land, a rarity in the ”Saint Emilion Grand Cru’‘ appellation.

The terroir is our land, our sky, our history, our grape varieties, our individual flavor, our brand, our nourishment: It’s our identity.

Our soils are composed of loamy and sandy clay.

The first gives us highly concentrated wines owing to the soil’s ability to store water and assimilated nutrient content in order to pass them back to the plant throughout the year.
As for the second, it allows for reduced water retention and ensures the intense ”color” and increased lightness of our wines.

The planting ratio at Château Trapaud:

”The planting ratio refers to the combination of grape varieties planted on the estate”


Merlot (between 70% and 80%)

Brings aromas of spice and fruit, in particular red fruits such as strawberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, raspberry, redcurrant and cherry.
Depending on weather conditions and the vintage, these aromas may develop notes of jammy fruit.

Cabernet franc (20%) :

Brings aromas of raspberry, violet and licorice.
Cabernet Franc also lends the wine a ”fleshy” texture.

Cabernet sauvignon (10%) :

Brings aromas of blackcurrant, bell pepper, black cherry, pepper, and spices, as well as licorice, mocha, and vanilla. It lets us obtain more powerful, full-bodied wines with beautifully structured tannins.


Why may our blending ratio vary from one year to the next?

A perfume of a blend of different aromas (flowers, fruits, plants, etc.), a dish composed of a blend of several ingredients that combine flavors and colors.

A bottle of Château Trapaud has a past (see history) and each bottle reveals its terroir through variations between vintages and differences in production to which we adapt our work in the vineyards and the cellars.
The wine from Château Trapaud is the result of several blending processes:

  • After harvesting and sorting the grapes are vinifyied by variety.
  • The different varieties remain separate when put into barrels to be aged.
  • After 12 months, we blend the grape varieties as if we were preparing a meal. We may wish to adjust the spices, for example, in order to achieve the best balance for our tastebuds to appreciate …

Every year the team, advised by the winery’s oenologist StĂ©phane Toutoundji (website), selects and adjusts the blend of varieties in order to optimise the characteristics offered by each parcel and different variety of grape.


The Wikipedia definition of Terroir:

” A designated geographical area, defined by a human community, that constructs a set of distinctive cultural characteristics, skills and practices based on a system of interactions between the natural environment and human factors. The expertise at stake reveals an originality, imparts an individuality and allows for recognition of the distinctive products or services of the designated area and those that live there. Terroirs are living and innovative spaces that cannot be considered as a single tradition. ”