Another use for vine shoots

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Sarments Saint Emilon

Vine shoots from Saint Emilion grape varieties

Vine shoots can be used as fire wood, ground and used to increase the soil’s nitrogen content or even smoked to add flavour to your steak… and they are now being used in anti-oxidant care and treatment..

Medical innovation in the vineyard

Just as the ”Bourgeois Gentilhomme” spoke in prose without realising, our ancestors carried out molecular chemistry without being able to show it.
Nevertheless, they spoke widely of the many vertues of the vine which have now been scientifically confirmed. Moderate consumption of wine has long been considered as good for our health but it was only in 1992 that scientists succeeded in identifying the active substance in the wine (grape) that can protect against coronary heart disease and LDL oxidation inhibitor (cardio-protective effect): Resvératrol

Taille vigne trapaud

2 decades of technological progress have led to various industries expressing an interest in our vines, such as the medical sector (repeatedly confirmed benefits), large cosmetics brands who see in it a natural and inexhaustable raw material and, most recently, the agri-food industry who use them to provide customers with many forms of probiotics from a natural source.

This has meant that some of our by-products have become sought after raw materials.
During our annual pruning process, we bale our vine shoots which are then taken away for the active molecule to be extracted and to isolate the active substances destined for Japanese agri-food and cosmetics sectors.


Resveratrol is present in around a hundred types of plant and is the result of a stress that makes the host plant develop a substance that is able to diminish the risk of stress or illness.
Resveratrol is mainly found in the skins of the grape but large quantities are also present in the vine shoots that we cut on a yearly basis.
Don’t forget that Resveratrol is known throughout the world for its major role in the ”French Paradox” which claims that a traditional Southern European diet (the Cretan diet), which includes a moderate amount of red wine, could significantly reduce cardiovascular-related deaths.(Renaud and coll., 1998)
Resveratrol slows down the onset of brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Huntingdon’s (Parker and coll., 2005) and helps prevent viral and bacterial infections such as Herpes and Helicobacter pylori.

Pruning season

The season has just come to an end which means that it is now time to begin repairs on row supports such as wires, pickets etc.

The ”astes” (fruit branches at the base of the vine) are therefore folded around the lower wire in order to ensure that the vine grows upwards.

vigne pliée2

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